Once again another crash

These crashes are getting quite annoying having me go down a rabbit hole of deleting mods to find out which on is causing this. (P.S i’ve never seen the crash report thingy that is always at the top that says a kind of joke or something this time its making a reference to Daisy Bell, How funny.)


(1) Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No model for layer villagerarmor:illager#inner_armor
the key word here is villagerarmor, which I presume is a mod.
(2) This isn’t even a mixin error. Much as we all like to help, this isn’t a general modding help platform. We focus on providing support for Sponge implementations. Even mixin isn’t really our forte.
(3) In general, a server log (or client log) file is more informative than the crash log. It might also contain a load of extra fluff, but the extra info can be useful to track down an error.

(4) Daisy is a reference to the movie (and book) 2001.

Thanks for the help. (P.S the reason i use sponge instead of the forge forums is because help seems to happen faster on sponge lol)

(P.P.S im kinda impatient which might hopefully change. Im trying not to sound mean or anything or like selfish its hard to stop that as my speech is messed up a bit.)