Online screenshot


Would it be hard to make a mod that would take regular (hourly or daily) screenshot of specific coordinate and post them directly in a folder?

That way we could keep certain user’s base updated on a website.


Screenshots yes. However a plugin could create a schematic file regulary from there anyone could download the schematic file and paste it in to a world to see the base.

The main issue is that on the server side, we dont have access to a 3D graphical repusentation of the server. Instead we have a application programming interface (API) which is like seeing the world one block at a time without colour instead its just text on the block saying all the properties of the block.

Because we dont have a graphical repusentation we don’t have access to what a block looks like on each face. Now we could create a wrapper to display what all the blocks would look like but thay would be in a 2d enviroment. To put it in a 3d enviroment would probably take too much resource power on the server.

However my other suggestions may suit you better.

There is a foege mod that still allows users to connect to your server without needing mods, much like sponge does called DynMap which is a birds eye view of your whole server from a browser (like Google Chrome), so you could use that to get updates on bases, still not exactly what you wanted but probably the best solution


I had a similar idea with renders :

Screenshots would also be nice !