Open Beta Versions for Sponge

You need to make Sponge Open Beta for all with compiled jar so people can test what Sponge actually is. And posting the bugs to help the development.

People can test Sponge at its current state by compiling the jar.
You mean official jar downloads?

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Can you please look around a bit around the forums? I am sure you will be able to figure out. Why their aren’t beta jars. But if you are really really thrilled to make a crashing minecraft server (that basically doesn’t do anything) you could download a snapshot jar from here.

(I am loosing my patient ,… . If somebody else makes another post like this. They will have to flag me … .)


Yes, i meant it.

Duuude they aren’t even in alpha yet.

Well if you would post every bug sponge has at this moment, You would flood the forums or the bug tracker.

That jar says “no main manifest attribute, in sponge.jar”

That doesn’t change anything for me…

What if bug reporter will be moderated so no repeating bug tracking? And, all bugs must be checked.

Simply, no.

There will be alpha and beta testing for sure.
But Sponge is not in a state where that is possible.

Be patient.

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When sponge is ready for testing there will be notice. Until the educate yourself about the project