Openlink plugin

not sure if there is already one made but im looking for a small plugin that would open a link for a player in their browser
/openlink <player> <url>

Virtualchest doesn’t seem to have the ability to have a player click a button to open browser so looking into alternate means of making a votelink gui using virutalchest by having virtualchest execute the command and it open the link. I’m not sure if its “illegal” to skip the “are you sure you want to open the following website” thing but if its not would like it to just skip that and open the link in their default browser.

Its for Vote Menus… nothing harmful.

I don’t know if it’s illegal to skip the warning but I think it’s just impossible without a clientside mod.

The “are you sure you want to open this website” is a client setting under the multiplayer options, you can’t change that from the server.

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ah gotcha. well then as it be command made without the need to skip the warning is good enough.