Optifine won't work? 1.16.5

So I downloaded optifine on my computer but the optifine video settings wont show up? It says it successfully installed and it shows up on the launcher but it wont show up anywhere when I play on forge.

When you say it shows up on the launcher? Do you mean the minecraft launcher? Or when you click the mods button?

minecraft launcher

Its been a long time since ive touched optifine. But that sounds like the stand alone version.

Are you launching the optifine edition or forge though the launcher which results in no options?

im launching through forge and none of the optifine options show up like the shaderpacks

What folder did you put optifine.jar into?

I just put it in my downloads, if i put it in mods my game crashes on startup and gives me some kind of transformer mixin thing

So before installing optifine. You should put the forge optifine in your shaderpack folder and then install optifine

Here are some instructions