Ore Announce - Announces your ore findings [MC 1.11-1.12 API 5/6]

Hey Guys,

With this plugin installed all your ore findings will be announced in the chat :slight_smile:
You can set the announcements, colors & more in the config file.

Here are the permissions:
oreannounce.reload - type /oreannounce reload to reload the config oreannounce.gold - announces gold oreannounce.iron - announces iron oreannounce.coal - announces coal oreannounce.lapis - announces lapis lazuli oreannounce.diamond - announces diamond oreannounce.redstone - announces redstone oreannounce.emerald - announces emerald oreannounce.quartz - announces quartz

You can download the plugin for API 7 here: Download Ore Announce API 7
You can download the plugin for API 6 here: Download Ore Announce API 6
You can download the plugin for API 5 here: Download Ore Announce API 5

View the GitHub Page: Ore Announce on GitHub


I’m curious, for what reason did you make this plugin? I see no practical use.

It’s for little survival servers so that you can see that your friend found diamonds and now he can share them with you :slight_smile: You can also enable or disable the types of ore you want to announce in the config.

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I believe, many players want to hide their jewelry, so that others do not grumble.
Will you do support for 5 API?

Also, you should have this be per-block-id. Instead of manually defining which blocks can be broken w/ notification, allowing any block to be defined would be handy.

A server owner could also use it to keep track of how frequently a player runs into iron/diamond/emeralds in order to weed out xrayers and other ne’er-do-wells!

Hi Lefty,
I have compiled a API 5 Version. Test it and have fun :slight_smile:

Hey CodeHusky,

Feel free to fork and edit my code for your needs :wink:

I won’t edit the code ,Can you support API7?

Hey, i have updated my plugin for API 7 :wink: