Ore design prototype

Made this prototype design for Ore. Was originally going for a light design, but it came out dark somehow. Mix of npmjs.com + dev.twitter.com. First design I’ve done in quite a while, be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Full size: http://i.imgur.com/ZziLWU8.png


I love it :smiley:

10/10 for sexy dark theme and epic swords. Looks really nice and clean and even shows generic statistics. Nice job. ;w;

-pokes @gratimax, though he probably has a design of his own in mind-

Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8 no h8. Seriously though, nice work!

Dark theme + gray text = hard to read. Pure white = high contrast = ugly. We have a problem

Yea. I’m kinda meh about the actual content area. Perhaps, there, just have some more introductory stuff and stick to a mainly light theme on content pages - like Twitter does (homepage vs docs page)

This is to dark

Maybe a bit too dark

I’d suggest that you make a light theme, but as mentioned kornagan and gratimax probably have their own design in mind already.

Gratimax said there are several designs in mind. I might try another light one if I get some time.

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ConnorPeet: made a design thing https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/ore-design-prototype/6872
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@gratimax: that's actually really cool
@gratimax: we do have some design mockups though and none of them are dark-themed
@gratimax: but I think I'll borrow a lot of that... I like the big sponge logo, tagline, and call to action buttons
@gratimax: perhaps with a search bar
ConnorPeet: This was originally inspired by Twitter's dev site. Their index is dark themed, but their docs are light. So they can be reconciled.
ConnorPeet: anyway if we get a "final" design psd and/or ui kit I'd be happy to help with implementation.
@gratimax: tbh
@gratimax: right now it's bootstrap
@gratimax: and I make all my mockups with static html

The pings never stop, do they…

I made a homepage mockup a while back that is superficially similar, but it is missing call to actions and several other things.


That mockup looks cool.

Annoying gratimax by pinging him seems to get a sport on the forums and irc :stuck_out_tongue:
Just leave out the @ and he won’t get pinged (like in this post).

Gratimax, your mockup looks great :smile:

Looks good. I like it.

I’d also suggest a light theme, light text on a dark color is not the best. It’s fine in small quantity to enhance the visibility of some elements as headers or buttons but in term of User Experience (UX), having a whole design, be it web or print, in reverse contrast is bad. That’s not a personal opinion, it’s based on scientific studies and comes down to how our eyes works and how we interpret colours and distinguish elements.

That’s not saying that dark designs are a no-go, it can look quite good, but if you want something to be easier on the eye, like increased readability, go with something light.

Also, sidenote, I tend to prefer a white background for a totally different reason; White gives a sense of purity, cleanness and professionalism. It’s the default web background color and I’d bet it’s the most used too. We see it as a pure color. Doctors lab coats aren’t white for the stains, it’s because it’s calming.

The more you know! :wink:

Oh and anyone, don’t hesitate to ping me, I like seing your design ideas!

[Update] I guess a compromise is a dark homepage and light inner pages, that works well. But I still wouldn’t go with a black background, dark grey or dark blue maybe.


Dark design and maybe #eee or #ddd as color should be good to read :smile:

Cool. I’m not sure about the dark design though. Do you have any mobile mockups?