Ore notifier

I’ve looked around for an ore notifier for 1.10.2 but haven’t come across any yet. All I’m looking for is a sponge mod to notify staff when players are mining ores and what type/how many etc.
Is there a mod already out there that I’m unaware of yet?

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I’m assuming from no replies that there isn’t one available?
Anyone willing to make one for us hard working server owners lol :slight_smile:

There is one here: GitHub - prism/OreAlerts: Ore alert plugin for Sponge servers

Original Thread: OreAlerts - Simple vein discovery alerts for staff

I contributed the addition of emerald ore and notification of the illumination level the player mined the ore in, but the author hasn’t made a release containing my contributions in yet. :stuck_out_tongue: @viveleroi

I tried OreAlerts but it just crashes the server on startup
I’m guessing it’s abandoned as it hasn’t been updated in a long while

I’ve just made my own version of the OreAlerts plugin.
I have not yet put it on Sponge Ore, however it is avaiable here.

You need to give yourself the orealert.receive permission to see the alerts.