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The Official Ore Package Manager for Sponge

The Ore Sponge plugin is in a pre-beta status. Please do not use in a production environment. I am not responsible for any damage you incur on your server. Thanks!

Command Reference

ore install

Installs a plugin by it’s unique ID and all of it’s dependencies (by default). Note that a newly installed plugin will not be loaded until the next time the server boots.


ore install ore-test

ore download

Downloads but does not install a plugin to a configured directory.


ore download ore-test

ore uninstall

Uninstalls a plugin by it’s unique ID. Note that currently loaded plugins will remain loaded until the server is restarted.


ore uninstall ore-test

ore update

Updates a plugin to a different version. By default this uses the “recommended version” the project has set on their page on Ore but can be altered to target any version, including downgrades.


ore update ore-test

ore update ore-test 1.0.0

ore search

Displays a list of plugins from Ore based on a search query.


ore search ore-test

ore search windy

ore whois

Lists projects by the specified Ore user.


ore whois windy

ore show

Displays information about an Ore project.


ore show ore-test

Example output:

Name: Ore Test Plugin
ID: ore-test
Author: windy
Category: Admin Tools
Installed: 1.0.0
Recommended: 1.0.0
Loaded: Yes
Location: /Users/walker/Dev/sponge/minecraft/forge/mods/Ore Test Plugin-1.0.0.jar

ore describe

Displays the description of an Ore project.


ore describe ore-test

ore reload

Reloads the configuration file.

ore version

Displays version information about the plugin.


Is this up to date and is there some build of this plugin?