Now it just freezes.

What screen does it freeze? Maybe a crash

The scanning screen. Let me try again.

Still freezes. Maybe I got too many mods in my mods folder.

The amount of mods shouldnt matter. Its probably a specific mod that is crashing my loader. Just building in a work around

Once again. Updated the link

Still freezes. Maybe it’s my PC. I’ll test it with a smaller amount of mods.

Unlikely too, Java its a pretty stable tool, its probably my program

Would you mind launching it though command?

If you open notepad and write the following in, then save as run mixin detector.bat in the same folder as MixinDetector.jar. It should report the error on the console that appears

java -jar MixinDetector.jar

Also are you using a mod pack? maybe easier if i run it though on my pc where i can get all the info I need

Okay. I kinda solved the crashing problem. I seperated the first ten mods of the list in another folder and tested it for Mixins. It worked and when I tested the other mods it worked as well without crashing. It turns out that Artifacts is the only mod using Mixins and also the cause of the crashing, because now after I deleted the mod the program works fine

Good to know.

I would go onto their support page and see if there is a fix for any mod incompatibilities (if you want to keep the mod)

Im just testing the program on random mod packs now, so hopefully will find out what causes the freezing issue

Nah, I’ll just delete the mod. But thank you for the help.

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