Hello. I got this weird error I never encountered before when I wanted to create singleplayer worlds in modded Minecraft 1.19.2 and I can’t find which mod causes the error. Could it be that I activated too many mods? I got 59 of them. On the other hand I read in other Topics dealing with similar issues that some mods seem to be incompatible with Sponge. Unfortunately I can’t show you a log since my game didn’t crash. But maybe a modlist helps (all of them are Forge):

3D Skin Layers
Advancement Plaques
Aquaculture 2
Ars Nouveau
Basic End Ores
Basic Nether Ores
Biomes O’ Plenty
Cloth Config
Custom Portal API
Deeper and Darker
Enchantment Descriptions
Enchant With Mob
Extra Golems
Forbidden and Arcanus
Guard Villagers
Just Enough Items
Magic Combat Wands
Mahou Tsukai
More Dragon Eggs
More Villagers
Mouse Tweaks
Ores Above Diamonds
Project E
Random Village Names
Roots Classic
Savage and Ravage
Simple Core API
Simple Ores
Sophisticated Backpacks
Sophisticated Core
Soul Shards
Terra Blender
The Bumblezone
Twilight Forest
Valhesia Core
Villager Names
Villager Tools
Village Spawnpoint

Tell me if you need additional information, I’ll do my best.

Whats the weird error?

Also sponge 1.19.2 isnt a thing and due to the lack of craah. How do you know its a incompatibility with something sponge?

It’s just a guess. I never actually installed something sponge related but nevertheless I got the Error “org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.throwables.MixinTransformerError: An unexpected error occured”. I never heard of Sponge before either, so I googled it but didn’t find anything to solve my problem.

Ah its Mixins (should had read the title too) XD

I have just finished my first prototype for finding all mods that use mixins, so you can use that if you want to find out what mods have mixins. If you had the full error (please read below) then I maybe able to find out what exact mod is causing it.

Sadly Mixins is just something a mod developer can use and therefore issues relating to it is fault of the mod developer, not us. So I can only go as far as help you find out what mod is causing it, not fixing the issue.

My Mixin Detector program

Requires Java 8 or newer
Requires you to be logged into Github (Only while there isnt a offical release)

Download: Actions · mosemister/MixinDetector · GitHub

How to use

  1. Extract the jar from the zip file
  2. Open the program by double clicking
  3. Click the ... and select your mods folder
  4. Click ok

Getting a crash stacktrace on singleplayer:

When your on the Minecraft Launcher (where you choose what version).

  • Click Settings on the left hand panel
  • Select Open output log when Minecraft:Java edition starts

Then when your singleplayer crashes, it should produce the crash report on the console screen that will appear when launching the game

How do I download this?

  1. Click the link, then choose the top one (merge remote)
  2. Scroll down to the bottom where it says jar
  3. Select that to download

There is no download button.

Did you do the second requirement?

Yes, I’m logged in, but I’m just able to leave a comment.

Then you should just be able to click the jar text and it downloads

There is a “Jar” in the code under “name”, but I can’t click it.

That normally means your not logged in.

How about I just release that current version as a snapshot, then you can download it without all the login stuff

Yes, please do that. I’m sometimes a bit of a noob in such things.

Ok try this

Its MixinDetector.jar you want to download

Since this post has complete i have beeb private messaged about use of my program. Turns out they used the original link on this post (which was version 1). I have changed the link to general releases

Already done. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Strangely it found nothing.

Did you select your mods folder? As in go into it and then select open?

Yes, I did. But it lists nothing when I click “ok”.

Ah i found the issue, just a bug where if it finds a file without any mixins, it cancels the whole search XD one sec ill update it

Just updated the link to have the fixed version

Also added in the ability to see how many files there are compared to how many have mixins