Please help it keeps crashing I have never heard of spongepowered and im trying to play with my friend on effective mod and we added a couple new mods and it started the problem then we removed them and its still happening i dont know but this is the latest crash log. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----// Hi. I’m Minecraft, and I’m a crashaholic. -

The issue you have is mixins which is built into forge now. Any mod that uses them are responsible for them so we cant fix the issue.

The issue seems to be stemming from vanillafix-forge-refmap.json so you may want to ask the Vanilla Fix team for support

If i remove vanilla fix will it fix it?

I checked my mods folder and vanilla fix isnt in there where would it be located?

It will fix that error. Maybe more to come.

As for the vanilla fix mod. Its named vanillafix-1.0.0-forge-beta.jar
You may want to do a search for that file. It maybe that a mod includes it with its own mod

I wasnt able to find the mod vanillafix-1.0.0-forge-beta.jar but when searching it up in my config file there is vanillaicereamfix.json5 and online vanilla ice cream fix is related to vanillafix-1.0.0-forge-beta.jar but i never recall downloading said mod, I do have a “modernfix” Mod maybe thats the issue