OTG Compatibility


Would it ever foresee a possible future compatibility update to be made between SpongeForge and OTG? This is what SpongeForge was meant for and it is very, very annoying to not be able to use a mod that SpongeForge said that it would allow.


OTG and the presets it provides is one of the most popular world generation mods out there and for SpongeForge to not allow it/cause compatibility issues is beyond ridiculous. Although I do not see a possible plugin that will be able to accomplish the same task as OTG with the presets it provides, I do see a patch being made for OTG from the Sponge Powered team to allow OTG to work properly.


By the way, I know it is difficult but I appreciate the work the Sponge team has put into this and to make an amazing core for our servers to use. :heart:


What happens when you try to use them together?


It causes an issue with world generation and throws an error, I believe if I remember I have shown this before in the Sponge Discord but I can pull whatever resources I have up here to this post.