[OUTDATED] Sponge API - Javadocs hosted on website (Unofficial)

Hello guys!

I started hosting our apidocs on website, like old Bukkit JD.
It will be updated up to 2 days after a new commit on github.
Sponge JavaDocs

I hope this will help in the development of plugins for Sponge.
Best Regards.

Here I give a commit SHA which was created the current version:
695aaf88d0e86cec4cd5338b2ff2eb58f11a327b [19-12-2014; “Merge pull request #303 from SpongePowered/feature/events”]


Very nice of you :smiley: Although I have heard something about sponge doing this themselves at a later date Im sure that many will find this usefull, myself included

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The bukkit javadocs were incredibly useful. This is good to have some ones for sponge available this early.

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Thanks, although I believe someone already did this. Just not sure how up-to-date they are.

Last update on their post would say October 25th, so a month+.

yeah, I noticed that much, but not sure if the API as it is has substantially changed since then, so not sure how invalid it is at this point, I suppose I should say.

Not to hijack this thread and not trying to be someone who understands java :stuck_out_tongue: (because i don’t understand a lot from it) but I created some Doxygen docs (or how’d you call them) and host them here:
Just because I find reading javadocs a bit hard :smile:
I update them when I see that there is a recent change so it may take a while for it to be updated.
But if you find reading Doxygen easier it may be something to look at :smile:

Doxygen: website/doxygen/interfaceorg_1_1spongepowered_1_1api_1_1block_1_1_block.html
javadocs: website/org/spongepowered/api/block/Block.html

And this is why I will always prefer Javadocs.


Updating now files on website :slight_smile:

Website is up again, because official Sponge JD are still on 1.0.0 api, here it’s the latest.