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##The Idea
The general premise behind LinkMe is simple: when running a server, you often have links you want to share with your players (website, forums, etc.). However, there may be too many to embed in the motd, so you’ll inevitably have players asking “What is the link to x resource?” That’s where LinkMe steps in! LinkMe will allow you to create commands, /forum for example, that will send them a link to the appropriate site. LinkMe can also be used to send simple messages to the player, such as rules, help messages, etc.

Creating Links

Edit the linkme.conf file located at ~/config/linkme.conf it should look something like the following:

links {
  Hello = "Hello World!"
  Link = "https://www.spongepowered.org"
  Formatted = "&9I'm Blue"

The format of links are <Link Name> = <Link Message>
Important: If you want links in your messages to be clickable they must start with either http:// or https://

To use a link, players will simply execute /<Link Name> in chat and they will receive the link message.
Important: All link commands will be assigned a permission node with the value linkme.commands.<lowercase link name> where <lowercase link name> is the name of the link in all lowercase letters! This will allow you to control which links are available to each player.

##Advanced Mode - HOCON Links
For those of you with configuration ninja skills links can also be specified in HOCON Configuration Format. For example:

links {
  HoconLinkExample {
    clickEvent {
      action = "open_url"
      value = "https://www.spongepowered.org"
    color = yellow
    text = Sponge
    underlined = true

This would create a link with the name HoconLinkExample which would display Sponge underlined, in yellow, and would link to the Sponge homepage.


If you allowed stuff to be JSON formatted, then we could make whatever links we wanted.


links {
    Hello = "Hello World!"
    Link = {
        clickEvent { action = run_command, value = "https://www.spongepowered.org" }
        color = yellow

Do you have plans to implement this?

Sure! I can do that!

#HOCON Away! Github Releases (by Release)

Release v1.1.0

Minecraft 1.10.2 - Tested on spongevanilla-1.10.2-5.1.0-BETA-365



@pie_flavor Try That!

LinkMe now has an Ore project page here! Please continue all discussions of LinkMe there! :smiley:

Please use the Ore page for further discussion :slight_smile: