[Outdated Use Ore Topic] PlayerShopsRPG - Region-based Player Shops!


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sell: The error does not occur. But always appears the message: You don’t have…

buy: The behavior of the former


When you attempt to sell the item, you do have at least 1 in your inventory?

The buy behavior is not replicated when I test it, however I am testing on Minecraft 1.10.2, I suspect that changes in API 6.0 for Minecraft 1.11 are leading to the strange behavior. I’ll do some further testing later today to confirm.


Yes! …


Will you be backporting the stable release to API4?


Indeed that would be really appreciated! :slight_smile:


##Don’t Forget API 4! Github Releases (by Release)

Release v1.0.2

Minecraft 1.8.9 - Tested on spongevanilla-1.8.9-4.2.0-BETA-352


  • Backport for Sponge API 4.0


@SephKurai, @Talaas Here you go! :slight_smile:

@ziceptor Still working on testing for API 6 (1.11)


Nice! I can’t install it now I’ve got too many people on my server to test it out. But I know it says it’s region-based how do those regions work exactly? I am trying to find a way to create a mall and allow players to claim shops. Right now it’s a multi-story mall so if the regions are 2d instead of 3d I may need to expand the size.


Regions are 3D, I recommend reading the QuickStart Guide to get a feel for how to set up shop regions, it’s very similar to how you set up cuboid regions in WorldGuard if you ever did that.


Yes. thank you! That’s exactly what I did for my last server. This is exactly what I need! Thank you kind sir


Thanks a lot! Really appreciated!


Do you plan on adding any grief prevention to your plugin? Just simple denial of breaking and placing blocks. We use grief prevention and it’s not 3D so I’m having trouble coming up with a way to protect the shops people build.


Not at this time, though I would like to eventually integrate with some of the popular region protection plugins to allow their regions to be used as shops, in the meantime if you want a 3D protection solution you could take a look at FoxGuard.


-peeks in-


@Zerthick if you want to access foxguard regions, I can write some custom code for you, or otherwise work with you to find a solution. PM me or something.


Does foxguard have a protection API? I was hoping to use it for a SkyBlock plugin too.


err depends on what you mean, but i’ll give a tentative “yes” on that one.


Grief Prevention maybe 2d by default.
However it does have a 3d claiming mode.
Use the /cuboid command to toggle between 2d bedrock to sky-limit and 3d claiming modes.
I know this from having read it in their manual, and personally experiencing it myself when I tried it out.


If someone clicks to sell/buy an item to the shop and types a negative number instead of a positive number it will take the items from the stores stock instead of from the player.


@SephKurai Should be fixed in the latest release! :grin:

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