[Outdated Use Ore Topic] PlayerShopsRPG - Region-based Player Shops!

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PlayerShopsRPG is a region-based player shop plugin, similar to the now-gone Bukkit plugin Command Shops. Unlike it’s predecessor however, PlayerShopsRPG fully supports customized items, including enchantments and lore. In addition, the amount of commands required to interface with shops is kept to a minimum, instead most actions are performed by clicking on links in chat. Shop types can also be specified to constrain the buying and selling of items to shops of a certain type.

As the name implies PlayerShopsRPG is designed to be used with rpg-type servers where the clutter of physical shop objects (signs/chests) may be undesirable. It was built as a compromise between the flexibility of command-based shops and the ease of use of GUI-based shops, relying primarily on clickable links in chat to perform most of it’s functions. It also allows server owners to create different types of shops, it doesn’t make much sense for a Blacksmith to sell cake, does it?

##QuickStart - How to create your first shop

  1. /shop select to select the region to create the shop
  2. /shop create My Wonderful QuickStart Shop to create a shop named My Wonderful QuickStart Shop
  3. Hold an item you want the shop to buy or sell in your hand and execute /shop item create
  4. To stock your created item hold it in your hand and execute /shop item add
  5. /shop browse to view the contents of your shop
  6. Click on Manager to access the management page
  7. Click on the first and second -- to set the sell and buy price respectively.
  8. Profit!


  • Since PlayerShopRPG deals with currencies it requires that your server be running some implementation of the Sponge Economy API.

Browse View:

Manager View: (Can change the prices of items and well as stock and unstock items)

Owner View: (Can rename the shop, change the owner, deposit/withdraw shop funds, add/remove managers, and destroy items)


  • You can grab the latest release of PlayerShopsRPG from GitHub here!
  • You can view the source code of PlayerShopsRPG on it’s GitHub repo here!
  • Be sure to check out the PlayerShopsRPG wiki for useful guides and how-tos, I recommend you start with the QuickStart Guide!

PlayerShopsRPG is still under heavy development, there may be a few bugs here and there. If you find any be sure to create an issue!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for PlayerShopsRPG I’d love to hear them! Have a cool new idea for a click-action? Want a new feature added? Let me know! :grinning:


Great job! Can’t wait to have players run a blacksmith vs a bakery in town and be restricted to which items they can buy and sell as an owner of those shops. Really blown away by this, Avius is going to love it!

Thanks! That’s exactly why I created this plugin. :wink:

might use this for my pixelmon servers :smiley:

You should create a video of it in action. :slight_smile:


I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

#New Release v0.1.2! Github Releases (by Release)

  • Quick bug fix related to setting shops to unlimited stock not actually working.


#New Release v0.1.3! Github Releases (by Release)

  • Inserted blank lines between items in shop views to make them easier to read in the default Minecraft typeface.


Hmm. I have a sort of request, would it be possible to set up something to where players could “rent” shops like a zone I could set up at spawn where players could rent the booth/shop for a set amount of time?

Hmm, I’m currently in the process of updating this plugin. I’ll see if I can add something like this in. Do you think shops should but rented for a set amount of time and paid all upfront, or would an hourly rate be better?

I would say like a configurable set time so like I could set it to have a set price for like a day or if I wanted to set it to a week. So the player would pay the upfront price then get the shop for the set time.

You mentioned on my topic: RentShops - Lease buildings and/or interiors to players for shops and/or apartments - #2 by Zerthick that you would look into adding that functionality into this plugin and I am excited to see the final result for that.

I am curious how that would look for your plugin though as it would see your plugin is very command based and what I am looking to do with this is eventually have a chestshop type setup similar to this plugin: [Discontinued] SpongyChest [v0.4.8] - Player Shops

I am just looking for your overall vision for the addition of regions shops and seeing if it is truly something I could use for my server.

I HIGHLY appreciate what you do and your willingness to add in a suggestion of mine into your plugin. You are awesome. :slight_smile:

Hey Jsnbrown1989!

You are correct that PlayerShopsRPG is based on commands, however the amount of commands a user types is actually kept to a minimum (really just 4), most are executed automatically by the user clicking on links in chat. This was done as a compromise between the ease of use of GUI (chest) shops and the flexibility of command-based solutions.

As far as regions go, the shops in PlayerShopsRPG are currently defined by regions, however, PlayerShopsRPG is not a region protection plugin and I don’t currently have intentions of adding those types of features as I think they fall out of this plugin’s scope. However, I would like to eventually allow integrating with some of the popular region protection plugins to allow their regions to be used as shops, thereby allowing shops to have region protection, though this is more of a long-term development goal.

In the short term, I’m currently working on allowing shops to be bought/sold and rented by shop owners without any admin/moderator intervention. Shop owners will essentially be able to put their shops up for sale / rent for a daily rate similar to how they can change various aspects of shops now. Players with then be able to walk into the shop and purchase / rent it by clicking on an appropriate link the the shop’s UI, all transfers of currency/ownership will then be handled automatically by the plugin.

Hopefully that’s of some use! :grinning:

That is definitely useful. I agree that any sort of protection aspects would be out of scope for this plugin. A question I would ask is how are you planning on handling unpaid rent? Since it is command based, it would work better then the way I had imagined it but I would hope that when you create a region, the plugin could snapshot that region, one could say, and then if rent is unpaid, it would restore the region back to how it was previously.

Maybe this is diving a little too far down the rabbit hole and that might possibly be a future enhancement. Just getting rentable regions would be nice to start.

Also, I know you aren’t into this for cash but, toss up a donate button for us to support/encourage you. Esp since you are working in a feature/plugin I was originally, potentially looking at paying for.

For the rented shops, or shops in general are you planning on adding a sort of enter/exit msg to notify a user when they have walked into a shop region?

@Jsnbrown1989 For now, I was planning on having ownership transfer back to the original owner of the shop if rent is unpaid, I may look into taking region-snapshots in the future, though that is starting to stray into reigon-protection a bit :stuck_out_tongue: May make a companion plugin for that sort of thing.

I may consider adding a donation button at some point, but not until the features are implemented! :grinning:

@IBG_Nova Currently the way things are now I would have to completely restructure the way I store shop regions in order to support this type of feature. It is something that I would like to eventually do, but it will take me some time as I’d like to get the buy/rent features released first.

Hey there! i like the general idea behind this plugin, i’ve recently started a pixelmon server and was looking into player shops (and by looking i mean spent countless of hours comparing plugins and the ups and downs.

I’ve recently decided that of all the features i look for (configurability, admin/player, non chest reliant.) that i’d give your plugin a try. but one thing i’ve noticed is the event’s may sometimes fire and cause the server to halt momentarily. thus resulting in a lag spike within the TPS. and a console error thrown in relation to this moment. (usually after clicking buy or sell and responding to the chat prompt.

I also noticed an incompatibility with another plugin (sponge discord plugin) as the click events don’t actually run an autocompletion of the command in the users chat area, but rather chat sniff for the users input. which causes the discord plugin doing the same thing to still register what the player says and drop that into the discord chat. would it be possible to change the way click events work or even make it configurable as an enable/disable sort of feature. (more modular in that way as some people may like the chat sniffer method.)

either way its a neat idea, and coupled with a plugin like greifprevention makes the playershops rather nice while still being protected and having greetings/farewells lol.

Hello! In the next release I plan to do some performance tuning to hopefully reduce any occurrences of lag spikes. Out of curiosity, how many shops did you have before you started to notice lag?

The chat sniffing implementation I use will actually be completely replaced by the Dialog API once it’s implemented, which should hopefully reduce any incompatibility with other chat-related plugins.

I’m glad my plugin has been of use!

@Jsnbrown1989 Still working on implementing renting! Expect a release soon :smiley:

Hey there! and thanks for the reply, i actually only just had one. i was trying to familiarize myself with the commands and overall functionality of the shops when i noticed it causing small lag spikes so this was only with one shop running.

Also that is rather good news regarding the chat implementation being changed. your plugin should have great use amongst most servers just by the sheer function of it! :slight_smile: being region based makes it seem more shop like in nature.

again thank you for the great plugin :grinning:

Thanks for the update man! I’m in agreement with Alexx, this is certainly a great plugin. Keep it up!