📃 [0.3.0] SimpleScript - Discontinued

I’ve update the docs to include an examples page, and added an example script to do what you described.

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Awesome. Lemme test it out as soon as I can :smiley:

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I’m testing on sponge forge 1338 not sure if it has anything to do with the version but the example script for the iron ore isn’t working.

I believe that you typed the script incorrectly, it worked perfect for me on the latest version. Check your indentation and make sure it is 4 spaces or 1 tab.

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I just copy pasted the example XD lemme see again

Edit: Yeah it had 3 spaces only, made it 4 and it worked. Thanks!

I’ve fixed the spacing on the docs so now it is okay to copy and paste it.

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Is this plugin usable as much as Skript? from what I can tell it’s not that far or the docs haven’t been updated idk since alot of the skripts functionality is missing from simplescript which hopefully gets added at some point! Thanks keep up the great work! I’m waiting for future updates!

Stuff I’d want in simplescript:

  1. on right and left click
  2. on death
  3. on death mobs and items can have named “Example” to allow custom named items and mobs…
  4. variables that allow you to store an exp system from lvl 1-100
  5. chance like in skript for a drop system with % chances
  6. and just everything from skript and beyond to make this plugin better than ever!

The project just started 2 weeks ago, so there are not many features yet. I’m slowly adding features, but mostly working on things that are not noticeable to the end user to get the plugin stable first. In the future I’ll add these features and more to the plugin.


YAML support please.

I have YAML files for each of my users and I’d love to move from Skript to this plugin.

SimpleScript is not a clone of Skript. It is a completely different plugin. The language syntax is different, so scripts can not be ported simply by changing a file extension. I prefer languages other than YAML, so I don’t envision adding support for it. Also, SimpleScript currently does not have as many events and actions as Skript had, I am still working on implementing them.

You could write a python script that converts the YAML to HOCON or JSON.

Unfortunately, I have decided to end the SimpleScript project. I simply :wink: do not have the time to continue supporting it. If anyone would like continue the project, please contact me.

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