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SimpleScript is now discontinued, read more here.

SimpleScript is Sponge plugin that allows users to create scripts, using a simple syntax that somewhat resembles the English language. For example, sending a hello message to a player when they join is as simple as writing two lines of text:

on join:
    send "Hello!" to the player

Script overhead is minimal, with a 53 line script adding only 2 to 3 milliseconds of delay to the event.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reply to this thread!

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Sounds awfully like Skript. Can’t wait to see it fully fleshed out though!

I plan to add advanced features to the language, but I am getting the plugin in a functional state first.

Yeah, that makes sense. Have fun. :slight_smile:

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Yes finally, something like Skript :stuck_out_tongue:

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What other ‘triggers’ will be used? Not only when joining, but say, when they pick up an item/etc.

I plan on adding most of the Sponge events. If you have any specific events that you would like right away, just let me know and I will prioritize them.

breaking a certain block or placing a certain block, eg:
on break iron ore:
drop stone
like making it drop stone instead of iron when mined

on place bedrock:
place stone
makes it so the bedrock turns into stone when you place it

Just some suggestions to prioritize, or maybe it’s already in the code :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • Breaking a block
  • Placing a block
  • Interacting with a block (eg Furnace, but also other non-vanilla blocks like Pixelmon Healers)
  • Killing or interacting with an entity
  • Reaching a coordinate (?) as in, when in the vincity of that specified xyz, SimpleScript could trigger a line for the player to see.

@SnowBlitzz @Rasgnarok

I will be sure to add those events first.


I am looking for someone to help write the SimpleScript documentation. Having someone else to help write the documentation will allow me to spend more time developing SimpleScript. Please send me a PM if you have any questions or are interested in helping out.

SimpleScript 0.1.0 is now available!

This is the first version of SimpleScript publicly available, so there may be some bugs or issues that I have not caught. If you find a bug, please report it to GitHub Issues. The documentation is not perfect, so if you have any questions just ask on this thread. If you would like to help document the plugin, please send me a PM.

Enjoy SimpleScript!

Planning to add more actions soon? like drop item, or teleport?

from the documentation:
Cancels an event, if it can be cancelled. Any lines of script after cancel will not be run.
Usage: cancel

And what if i want to cancel, say, block break event of iron ore, from my suggestion above, then have an action run such as drop stone (if you’re going to implement dropping like on the bukkit Skript), wouldn’t cancel also cancel that? or not?

I’ll add more actions soon. As for cancelling an event and dropping stone, you would simply drop the stone first and then cancel the event.

Ah the format is a bit different from bukkit’s Skript but as long as it has similar functionality it’ll be neat :smiley:

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SimpleScript 0.2.0 is now available!

  • Improved error handling
  • Added BlockType property
  • Reworked aspects of variable parsing
  • Changed Permission from a VariableFunction to a VariableProperty
  • Disallow VariableFunctions from being run in a Conditional
  • Added Teleport and Drop actions
  • Allowed Conditional statements to be reversed using not
  • Many other smaller changes

Supported Sponge API: v4.x.x

Enjoy SimpleScript!

SimpleScript 0.2.1 has also been released, fixing bugs found in 0.2.0.

Please report any issues or bugs to GitHub Issues. Questions regarding script creation should be posted to the this thread.


How do I write a script with what I said above before?
on break iron_ore:
drop 1 of stone at block location
?? doesn’t seem right. got confused by the documentation sorry XD
more examples would be nice :smile:

That isn’t quite right, I apologize for the poor documentation. I’ll try to add more examples in the future. If anyone who is decent at writing documentation would like to help please contact me.

Here is a script that would cancel the break of iron ore and drop a stone:

on break:
    block has block type of "minecraft:iron_ore"
    drop 1 of stone at block location

The script will leave the iron ore there, because cancelling a break event will prevent the block from being broken. I believe that you want the iron ore to actually break, and just cancel the drop of iron ore. I’ll make this a possibility in the next release.

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Ah yes, thanks!

SimpleScript 0.3.0 is now available!

  • Added linked events
  • Changed format of the drop action
  • Added set block action
  • Rewrote variable parser to be smarter
  • Other small changes

Supported Sponge API: v4.x.x

Enjoy SimpleScript!

Please report any issues or bugs to GitHub Issues. Questions regarding script creation should be posted to the this thread.

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