[Paid] Hiring Sponge Dev | Pixelmon Reforged | AnubisMC

Hello! I am the owner of AnubisMC, a server that hosts Pixelmon as one of its many game modes on the network. We currently have 4 Pixelmon Realms all running sponge and the latest version of Reforged (8.0.2). We’re looking to hire a sponge dev who can create a lot of one-off plugins we currently have in our technical backlog as well as optimize existing plugins and applying patches to the sponge jar itself.

Current Tech Stack In Use:

  • Kubernetes
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
    and much more I can list upon contact

Ideally, you’ll have played Pokemon before and can grasp certain concepts. I give my devs the freedom of creativity and most projects commissioned are well documented in Confluence, (our team is proficient with Technical Writing).

I’m open to full time and part-time offers, as well as potentially beginning someone off as a per-project developer with the ability to move into full/part-time. You would need to be able to speak in voice actively, (accents are Okay! so long as you can be understood), and passionate about what you work on. Our team has scaled to it’s current size in sub-4 months and the network itself idles around 250 players with occasional weekend peaks to 500+. We also operate vanilla spigot based gamemodes but you would not be working on those to start, nor required to.

Example tasks currently available:

  • PokeTeams plugin completion
  • Sponge jar optimization (Chunk saving and caching, base Minecraft changes etc)
  • PixelQuests plugin creation
  • An MCMMO-Esque sponge port for Pixelmon related skills (Catching, Levelling, etc)
  • Pixelmon Daycare recode
    and many more!

Interested in applying? Friend me on Discord (Mistazel#2621). If we do not share mutual servers, I’ll know you’re from sponge. If we do share a mutual server, feel free to join my discord listed (discord.gg/Anubis) and tag me or make a ticket asking to speak to me and apply. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You can find more information on me and my company below:

AnubisMC: https://anubismc.com/
AuqkwaTech: https://auqkwa.com/
My Contact: Mistazel#2621

Compensation: Fulltime: ~2-3k/M Part Time: ~1-2k/M Per Project: Negotiable

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