[Paid] [Public] Sponge Developer For Server Tutorial Plugin

Currently looking for a good server tutorial plugin to be created for the public.

I have seen the current one, but am willing to pay for a competitive and better configured public released one.

I am paying for the completion of it.

What it needs to do:
Create a main server tutorial, this is what the first time joiners would follow (allow a way to go into it anyway for current players).
Create sub tutorials, ones that people can warp into, and would follow a defined path as well. This could better teach parts of the server, like indepth protection or command help for the more advanced player on your server.

In Game:
Player Joins and is warped through the various connected ‘waypoints’.
What the different “waypoints” should follow: Have an order, sit at for ‘x’ amount of time. Display text infront of them (not in chat!) (could be configurable though). After cylcing through, and ending location to be teleported too. While at each location, they should be frozen wherever the waypoint was set (including in the air).
Also, if wanted, you could add an ending run command with some variables.

Side tutorials would cycle through the same way, but be called on by a command (that the main one can be called with as well).

Either setting waypoints and just have the document create temp words for that location for the config to just be edited is as complex as it needs to be. Include duration at spot, and maybe a multiple text option for that location if possible.

Please contact me on if you are willing to do this. I can do $25.00 to start it if you have any other plugins released.

Why don’t you offer this to the existing dev first in order to add the features you need.

I saw the thread, it didn’t seem like they were super-reluctant to help, if anything I would have called your response rude.


Rather get one made that will be managed.

I am still looking for this to be made.

Looking into it.