Ok this is really ‘simple’. Because everyone likes paradoxes why not make a list of them? :blush:

My favorite paradox is the unstoppable force VS. unmovable object paradox.
If you have an unstoppable force that is heading for an unmovable object, what the **** will happen?!

Whats your favorite paradox? Post it down below! :smile:

Can I answer that one for you? :smiley:

For a force to be a force, there has to be an interaction between two bodies. An unstoppable force as such has to be exerted by an inaccelerable body, because Force = mass * acceleration and it’s unlikely that its mass will fluctuate.

An unmovable object is also an inaccelerable body, because for it to obtain velocity, it has to be accelerated.

Thus, we have two bodies which cannot be accelerated, one of them moving and the other not. What happens when they meet? Well… Most likely neither gets accelerated. The unmoving object stays unmoving, the moving object stays in motion. The somewhat disappointing answer to your paradox is that they pass through each other without any interaction at all.

If we assume that something happens to the moving object, while the force stays unchanged, we could get two slightly weird events. As the two bodies collide, either it loses mass and the acceleration grows, or the acceleration slows and starts growing in mass. Neither seems very intuitive - in a more practical example of an apple hitting the floor at high speed, both acceleration and mass of the object in question wan (Note that the mass isn’t actually gone, it’s just no longer attached to the “main” apple piece).

My favourite paradox is the one called the Raven Paradox!

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Superman (and the Sphynx) will disagree with you:


The below sentence is false.
The above sentence is true.


What would happen if Pinocchio said My nose will grow now!


Both are called the lair’s paradox.

but I like the barber paradox:

Every man in this town must be clean shaven. The barber is a man in town who shaves all those, and only those, men who do not shave themselves. Who shall shave the barber?

His wife! :D

The barber shall not be part of the town. Simple :wink:

I like the 1+1-1+1-1+1-1… forever paradox and Zeno’s paradox.

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What about Shredinger’s cat? It’s kinda a paradox, isn’t it?

Black hole information paradox


VVVV that.

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*cough* Schrödinger :wink:


Any self description.

This sentence has 64 characters, one capital, and one full stop.
Does the set of all sets contain it-self?

As an aside: Be careful how you say “sets” if you describe this paradox to someone.

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This is completely insane.

This pangram contains four as, one b, two cs, one d, thirty es, six fs, five gs, seven hs, eleven is, one j, one k, two ls, two ms, eighteen ns, fifteen os, two ps, one q, five rs, twenty-seven ss, eighteen ts, two us, seven vs, eight ws, two xs, three ys, & one z.

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A pangram (Greek: παν γράμμα, pan gramma, “every letter”) or holoalphabetic sentence for a given alphabet is a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once.

A self-enumerating pangram, or a pangrammic autogram, is a pangram which describes the number of letters it itself contains.


A pangram is also if it contains all the numbers. (i.e. 123456789)

We agree to disagree.

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I don’t deal with Paradox’s, it’s more Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff Than I care to work with,
Unless The Doctor Meets The Doctor. (50th anniversary anyone?)