Particles API

The particles packet it behavior changes if we change the count to 0, any other value uses randomizes the color, motion, and so on. The behavior when the count is 0 allows us to colorize particles, resize them, and use a specific motion vector. Spawning a lot of particles will use more bandwidth though.

Motion Particles: A lot of them use motion vectors.

Colorizable Particles:

  • Redstone
  • SpellMob
  • SpellMobAmbient

Resizable Particles:

  • ExplosionLarge

Note Particles: The color can be modified by using note values between 0 and 24.

Here is some code I wrote some time ago (not for sponge) that would create the particle messages:
The particle are just classes with getters and setters methods.

This is a example about what is possible:


wait, is that a texture pack?

You can colour redstone particles? #stuffididnotknow

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That’s some sick stuff you have done there, props to you.

I opened a pull request to extend the particle api :wink: