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I hope this is the right category to post this in.
Somewhere around the forums the following link was posted:

While i appreciate a simple monthly donation system, i think that supporters which donate less than 10$/month should recieve a badge on the forums too. Maybe just a “donator” or “made Spongie proud” badge for 5$ to 10$.
This way even small(er) donations would get rewarded.

Any opinions on this?

EDIT: Whoops, me got ninja fixed. Thanks, Inscrutable! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re welcome to donate less than the gift margin of 10. However, as each badge has to be added to a user manually, it would start becoming a lot of work if we needed to manually add them to everyone who donated a dollar.

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I personally feel like people should be donating to help the project, not to get the badge. I don’t think the manual adding of badges should be the issue here.


I don’t necessarily disagree. However, if someone donates to Sponge, in my opinion, they have a right to be proud. And, of course, with pride comes wanting people to know about it. :smile:


To get this right:
I think that one should donate for donations, not to get the badge. But i think that 10$/month is too high as lowest badge… 1$ would be way to low too and make the badge worthless. i’d go with 5$.

Note: i donate if i got some spare money anyways :wink:

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Maybe instead of text, it could be a little symbol next to your username?

I just signed up on Patreon and realised that you created a 1$ option. Me Likes.
Thanks to the brave soul which added that.

As said before i think it’s good to keep badges to >10$ donations per month :slight_smile:

I signed up on the Patreon and donate 10$ per month, May I receive my badge?

Same here. @FerusGrim

I can’t hand out tags, sorry! D:

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I believe @Owexz can fix this for you.

Apologies for the delay, I’ll sort it out for you tonight.

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Thank you, just happy to try and help.

Scroll down on this page:

The available badges are listed there :slightly_smiling: