Permessionsex and Experms not working

Please describe to me what is wrong , is one of my plugins not compatible or something?

It looks a lot like ExtraPermissions isn’t happy.

Could not pass MessageChannelEvent$Chat$Impl to Plugin{id=extraperm,
name=ExtraPermissions, version=0.7.2,

and a lot more besides. That might not be the only thing going wrong…

I removed ExtraPerms and everything pretty much went back to normal. But i’m still getting this warning with :

[mixin]: Method overwrite conflict for getSlotProvider in mixins.common.core.json:item.inventory.TraitInventoryAdapter, previously written by org.spongepowered.common.mixin.core.inventory.MixinInventoryEnderChest. Skipping method.

That is a regular warning, shown in every single Sponge server run.

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