Permission Nodes Help


Hi guys,

i already set up a server 1.12 with sponge forge without any mods installed except for the mod LuckPerms. I read for 4 hours and i already familiar with permission plugins, but i cant find any permission nodes to prevent placing some blocks or interact with some items.

I think this plugin doesnt have these features.

Is there any way for me to set up a server with a permission plugin/mod to handle placing/interacting???

Which mod/plugin should i use??

I already searched for “permission” in this forum but there a no mods/plugins which supports that.

My requirements are:

  • Minecratft Version must be 12 (Sponge API 7)
  • permission nodes interact/place/break etc
  • forge support

I am thankfull for any help you can give me :slight_smile:


So last I checked, unlike Bukkit/Spigot used to do, Sponge does not have built in permission nodes for preventing players from interacting. If you want to prevent people from doing things, you will most likely need a specific protection plugin that allows you to restrict players by the use of permissions, I would personally recommend FoxGuard.


If your goal is to have everyone who joins not be able to place/break any blocks ever? If so, just put them in adventure mode. If you are looking for wanting just specific places to prevent breaking/placing, then go with @d4rkfly3r suggestion above.


I tried the Mod Fox Guard but what I want is to set for a specific Player a Permission in a specific area / zone like he or she is not able to place a specific block in a specific area but can place in other areas. And i would prefer it to set it with Permission nodes for every Zone and Player and group. I want it as it was in the Mod ForgeEssentials. But ForgeEssentials is not available for Minecraft 12.2