Permission Plugin Help

I was just wanting to ask if anyone knows a good permission plugin for a pixelmon server. And if someone has premissions for default players

Thank You🤘

In general, ever good permission plugin is good for a pixelmon server provided that they use the same sponge api version.
I use this. There’s also Pex. And many others, just use the search function of this forum in the plugin releases catagory.

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Adding on to that, plugins define what permissions should be applied by default.

can you give me a example of member permissions and maybe owner. Can i get just a example please.

Thank You

Sorry but I only use that plugin for testing purposes. I assign permissions directly to players. That’s not what you want. Ask in the plugin forum topic. :relaxed:

i got the premissions but can you tell me plugin that is good at protecting the spawn and allow them to use the stuff in spawn

Well, just search for it. Maybe GriefPrevention? And what ‘stuff’?

ok do you know any good kit plugins i could use for pixelmon

Just search for “kit” on the forums. Make your own mind up. You are going to face a few challenges setting up a pixelmon server if you reply to this thread for every tiny detail or decision that you need to make yourself.