PermissionEX or PermissionManager

I need help… i am on minecraft 1.8.9 and im on the right sponge and forge versions. But everytime i try to install the plugins into my /mods folder… I run my server and enter /Pex or /pm but they both say “you don’t have permission to use this command” also when i check my players in my server it says im offline and i have 1 page of commands on my /help command page. Please help me i don’t know what else to do… thanks!

when you are using PermissionManager, the OP system doesn’t work anymore. You have to give yourself the permissions. If you are using Sponge 1.8.9, you are using PermissionManager v1.2. To give you access to all the permissions, write this command in the console. /pm player your_username set permission * value true

The wiki for PermissionManager

Hey thanks for the reply :slight_smile: but i keep getting " this is not a command" If my username is LEDRustie can you format it for me so i can just copy and paste … thank you!!

To use PermissionManager v1.2, you need DjxyCore.

/pm player LEDRustie set permission * value true

ok i got it sorry before i had 2.0 not 1.2 thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If you are using Sponge API 4.2.0 or Sponge API 5.0, you can use PermissionManager 2.0.

oh ok i just switched to 2.0 and its saying the same thing " this is not a command" when i try to put in “/pm player LEDRustie set permission * value true”

The new version of PermissionManager changed. So You have to go on the new wiki. The first post of PermissionManager has à link to the wiki.

I cant find in the 2.0 wiki where the place is where i can give my self permission can you link me or tell me a command i need to put in…? thank you

can you tell me how i can just install the menu and so that i have permission to use the commands its too complicated for me :confused:

Do this in the console, /pm users LEDRustie set permission *, after you can /pm to open the menu.

it says i dont have permission to use that command

Are you doing it in the console?

in game …

nvm i got it working thanks!

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how can i remove these commands from the default group…? /callback /pagination /teleportnative and /sponge ? i checked in the “remove a permission” but its not there…

you have to check the permission of these commands. Then you have to do this. /pm groups name_of_the_group deny permission the_permission_to_deny

where can i find the name of those permissions i listed? btw thanks!

The other plugins should have a list of their permissions.