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PermissionManager is a permission plugin with a lot of features to let the administrators controls the permissions and the groups on their server.


  • Support all the subjects(Players, groups, etc)
  • Full integration of the PermissionService of Sponge API.
  • Multiple contexts supported
  • Multi world support.
  • File format yaml
  • Tab completion.
  • Rule system, to add some conditions to the use of a permission.
  • Promotion system.
  • Save and load each user, group or promotion while the server is running.
  • Interactif menu

Sponge API

  • 5.X
  • 4.2.0


  • Should works with any plugins!!

Plugins compatibles with the rule system



Interactif menu

alt tag



A new version has been released for PermissionManager, it is available for download here.

No description given.

The PermissionManager links don’t link to anything.

It does the same with the others posts created by Ore.

HOW TO THIS pluginfile download?

I want to have this very much.

It is…

This plugin is long abandoned, LuckPerms is the standard for managing permissions now.

~ Alice

thank you.
Very good plugin recommended thanks