Permissions Manager App

So for the past few days, on and off, I’ve been working on a new webapp that allows people to register and utilize a GUI to manage a database for MC permissions. I bought the website and have it nearly working. The last feature to add is to actually be able to add features. Registration has been disabled as this is closed development. If you want to test this out comment here. Also suggestions are welcomed in the comments as well.

Some previews:

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Hey, that looks cool :smiley: Any chance i could ake a look it’s features and gui myself? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to give other people an opportunity to look at it, however I think I might not have time to complete this project with the time allocated to me. I am leaving the air force base I’m on this friday and shipping my computer stuff to my relative in nebraska. If I feel super ambitious I might have my ‘laptop’ from home shipped out to me. The issue arising is I’m going to be a POW till december 5th. Until then no computer or internet. I’ll be fine though… Lasted longer through boot camp.

Update on the permissions Page.

It’s never been so easy to change the parent of a rank

Well I decided to just nullify the DB updaters so here you go. username is demo and pass is admin.


Wow. That really is amazing :smiley: Can’t wait for it to be finished :smiley:

Keep up the awesome work! One question: Is it like a plugin (i.e. PEX) or a website with plugin (i.e. BuyCraft)? From what I understood is it like Buycraft, let me know.

@xxmarijnw it seems it uses mySQL to modify the pex permissions list… not sure about that tho. Took a look at it myself and I love the design, can’t wait for it to be finished :smile:

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It wraps around any existing permissions plugin.

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It uses MySQLi to execute commands.

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cool, this could help replace enjin as my servers website

Well technically this isn’t for your server’s homepage, however I was working on planing a new site for that.

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I think enjin’s features are nice, just not the custom part of it not ability to change most of everything.

This is for managing your server’s permissions (Like PEX, GroupManager, etc.) , not website? Lol.
Anyways, looks very nice! I look forward to seeing the fuller, more complete version later on.

I am writing (on paper, lol) code for another website that will allow owners to use a parent site and choose themes to use and then are able to use CSS to customize it further.

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Well I got no computer nor internet for one. And if you’re good, you don’t need an ide.


I use to write code all the time on paper. But now I have an iPad that I can use to write it on during school!

Maybe use something like Select2 to select the active permissions?

Im using bootstrap and a custom library to select this.