PermissionsEx - Setting permissions


I am trying to set up some permissions for my pixelmon server to allow the people to use commands such as tpa, tpaccept, tpdeny, spawn, etc however whenever I try to add this to the server it does not work. I have searched high and low to try find templates or line of codes which would help me however I have found nothing.

I just need help to set the permissions to work. It only seems that the admin can use the commands even when I set the player to use a command they still can’t use this.

Can someone please help me.


What permissions plugin are you using? Sponge by itself only uses operator permissions, if you want finer control than that you need a plugin like PermissionsEx.

There’s a thread with all relevant commands:

You’ll find examples on the PEX topic, for ex. this post:

I am using PermissionsEx-Sponge and EssentialsCmds-8.0.1

I have been using the first guide but whenever I set the Trainer to have a command it doesn’t work. However the admin does.