Personal Time - Allows players to set their own personal time of day

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Personal Time

Allows players set their own personal time of day which does not affect everyone else’s!

Say it’s day, but you want to get that epic night-time screenshot! But didn’t want to wait for night to fall?
Or maybe you want it to be sunrise, to witness the beauty of the sun! But you didn’t want to have to wait for it?
Well, now you can do that very easily! And, even better, only you can see the change in time! Using this plugin, players can set their own time of day that only he or she can see! Everyone else will see the normal flow of time (unless, of course, they also set their own time).


Client Time requires PacketGate as a dependency.
You can get the latest version of PacketGate here


# The one command for all of Personal Time.

# Sets the player's personal time, without affecting the server time
# '<time>' can be substituted with any integer larger than 0, or 'day', or 'night'
/ptime set <time>

# Resets the player's personal time so that it is back in sync with the server's
/ptime reset

# Tells the player how many ticks ahead their personal time is compared to the server's
/ptime status


# Each grant permission to their respective command name

Would it be possible to integrate Personal Time with regions from e.g. PlotSquared/RedProtect?
Without giving the user access to /ptime.

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Depends how deeply integrated you need it.

Are you just looking for region ptimes? Or are you looking to have the mobs and entities and blocks behave differently depending on what plot they are in?

Just the ptimes, so players would be able to set a specific ptime for their plot without the guest users having to use /ptime (or even have access to it, as this is a Rank perk on the freebuild worlds)

(e.g. Halloween plots have night time, yet Landscape plots have daytime, depending on the preference of the builder)

Entities would stay unaffected, as they cannot be summoned with my current configuration.

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That is a good suggestion.
However, I currently have this project at a standstill, so I won’t be adding it in any time soon.

I am willing to accept pull requests on GitHub if anyone would like to contribute.

Also, for anyone reading this ;
Could we implement this method on weather as well? To get /pweather

I was wondering if you could make this a PR for the Nucleus project since ptime is currently a pending feature

The way this plugin handles ptime is through packet manipulation, which is not supported by Sponge and won’t be accepted as a proper implementation of ptime for Nucleus.

The only officially accepted way to handle ptime is through Contextual Data which is not yet implemented into Sponge, and is how dualspiral would (presumably) like it to be done.

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Do you have Discord?