PetBlocks - PetBlocks is a spigot and also a sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft


A new version has been released for PetBlocks, it is available for download here.

Developer Notes

  • Please be careful with updating the config.yml as tags changed.
  • I have worked together with to offer 2 new sponsored categories.
  • I also want to highlight that adding new categories is now possible because of the scripting engine.
  • Special thanks to patreon supporter “Jan Oplt” for supporting the PetBlocks project!


  • #109 Added new engine option for setting the default particle wiki.
  • #110 Added new engine option for setting the default name wiki.
  • #119 Added scripting engine for categories and scrolling wiki.
  • #148 Changed DB Context to Connection pool when using Sponge.
  • #151 Added option to interact with the new GUI engine via the Developer API wiki.


  • #140 Fixed MySQL when using Sponge.
  • #142 Fixed wearing pets can cause desynchronisation errors.
  • #144 Fixed wearing pets displays impact particles when using Bukkit or Sponge.
  • #145 Fixed pet does not respawn automatically when changing items in the GUI on Sponge.
  • #150 Fixed config join settings where broken when using Bukkit or Sponge.
  • #154 Fixed exception is getting thrown on server stop when using SpongeForge.
  • #156 Fixed DB connection crash on Sponge.


Works great but we get this error on the console when someone uses a crafting table…


Thanks, I have added a ticket on github. Should be fixed next version.


hello, it’s really a nice plugin! but, it did not support version 1.10.x
can u make the this nice and useful plugin support 1.10.x
thank u !


There is already a ticket for this on github. It should be able to support 1.10 in the future :slight_smile: