PetBlocks - PetBlocks is a spigot and also a sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft

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What’s PetBlocks?

PetBlocks is a spigot and also a sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft.

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  • Videos
  • Installation
  • Commands
  • Config

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Where can I find the PetBlocks Discord?

Invite: Shynixn


Pet Features

  • Adds a new pet to every player
  • Simple GUI navigation to customize your pet
  • Use blocks or custom heads as skins for your pet
  • Use ais to change the behaviour of your pet
  • Supports custom models
  • Add a particle effect to your pet
  • Rename your pet
  • … and a lot more

Config Features

  • GUI is completely customizeable
  • Add new skins (supports skin-urls)
  • Change ais
  • Add new particles
  • Supports MySQL
  • Supports cross server pets
  • … and a lot more



  • Download the plugin PetBlocks
  • Put the plugin into your mods folder
  • Read the “Getting Started section”
  • Start the server (Sponge 1.12.0-1.12.2)
  • Join and play by typing /petblock :slight_smile:


  • /petblock - Opens the PetBlock GUI
  • /petblock toggle - Activate or deactivate your pet
  • /petblock call - Teleports the pet to your player
  • /petblock rename - Changes the name of the pet
  • /petblock skin - Changes the skin of the pet
  • /petblocks - Administration commands
  • /petblockreload - Reloads config.yml


  • Customize your GUI
  • Change sounds/behaviour
  • Change messages
  • Customize skins and particles
  • MySQL Configuration

External Connections

You can find all information how to enable or disable external connections of PetBlocks on this page.


The 7.0.0 Snapshot of PetBlocks is available for Sponge 7.0.0 and Minecraft 1.12.0 - 1.12.2.

As this plugin uses NMS via MCP it is currently only available for this version.

Do you really need to use the NMS for this?

Custom Entities, Pathfinder, WASD entity controlling, yeah I think it needs NMS. If you have got an idea how to get rid of it, please tell me :wink:

Also, one more thing. Your plugin is under Apache 2.0, so this clause You are not allowed redistribute the origin plugin binary means nothing, jsyk. I’m sure nobody will ignore that, but just know it has no legal footing.

Psst, don’t tell them. You can also download it from the central maven repository without checking this page, so this is just hint for users that I do not like to see that.

Still, thanks for checking my description and giving me feedback!

ayyy glad to see you on sponge now!

Thank you for this plugin. I’ll use it on my server

Nice :slight_smile: Please report any issues or bugs you encounter. I’m still new to the Sponge community.

Are we able to use spongeForge with this plugin? Installation says spongeVanilla.

I’m currently checking it as PetBlocks was developed via SpongeVanilla and it seems like the NMS part generates troubles with SpongeForge.

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Alright thanks for the update! Excited to use this plugin on my server.

It shouldn’t cause issues with SpongeForge if you’re doing it correctly - VanillaGradle works just fine with Forge too.

I’m running pixelmon as a main mod, I’m assuming this is causing conflicts.

I was replying to the mod author, not you. Pixelmon shouldn’t be breaking anything that PetBlocks would use, so the only way that Pixelmon would break the plugin is if the plugin was doing NMS wrong.

I have already found the issue, the entity registry gets moved by Forge and replaced by it’s own implementation. This means the NMS location of the entity registry is no longer valid and it crashes. All other parts work fine (riding, pathfinder etc…). It should be fixed next version.

YES! Thanks for the fix! :smiley:

A new version has been released for PetBlocks, it is available for download here.

Developer Notes

  • Do not forget to update your config.yml with the lines below or recreating it.
  • Thanks to the sponge community to report issues professionally and quickly since the first release.


  • Added support for SpongeForge
  • Added feedback messages to the /petblock call and /petblock toggle command
  • The /petblock call command automatically spawns the pet if it has not already spawned


  • Fixed retrieving items from the GUI was possible in PetBlocks-Sponge
  • Fixed /petblock toggle command throws exception in PetBlocks-Sponge
  • Fixed not clearing up if SpongeForge is supported
  • Fixed the old riding engine was being used in PetBlocks-Sponge


  called-success: '&aYou have called your pet.'
  toggle-spawn: '&aYour pet has spawned.'
  toggle-despawn: '&aYour pet has despawned.'

Using PetBlocks 7.0.1 and SpongeForge: 1.12.2-2611-7.1.0-BETA-2981

When you spawn a petblock in the wild it flashes for a second then dissapears, no console errors and I can spawn passive and hostile mobs in the world

I have already discussed it on github. It should be fixed next version.