Pieconomy - An economy plugin that uses items as currency


Full config:

items {
  "minecraft:gold_nugget" {
    currency = gold
    amount = 1
  "minecraft:gold_ingot" {
    currency = gold
    amount = 9
  "minecraft:gold_block" {
    currency = gold
    amount = 81
   "minecraft:emerald" {
    currency = gold
    amount = 18
  "minecraft:emerald_block" {
    currency = gold
    amount = 162

currencies {
  gold {
    decimal-places = 0
    name = {text = Gold}
    plural = {text = Gold}
    symbol = {text = G, color = gold}
    format = {text = "%{amount}%%{symbol}%"}
    exchangeable = true

default-currency = gold

server-accounts {
  enable = true
  autosave-interval = 20
  accounts = [
      id = "bank"
      name = "Bank"
      currencies {
        values = []
        type = blacklist
      negative-values {
        values = []
        type = whitelist

version = 3

Other plugins: CustomChatCommands (a favorite of mine, thanks so much), FastAsyncWorldEdit, Keys, LuckPerms, SleepVote, Nucleus, and UniverseGuard.

I even removed everything aside from Pieconomy and Sponge itself, then regenerated my world and the problem still persisted. I’ve tried the following commands:

/pay Bank 5
/pay Bank 5 Gold
/pay Bank 5 gold

Every time it says the same thing–that “Bank” does not accept that currency.
I had 5 gold nuggets and 2 emeralds in my inventory when I did my testing.


A new version has been released for Pieconomy, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed a bug making server accounts believe they didn’t accept any currency


Hey, I love this plugin. But it has an issue in that I can’t use it with the nations plugin. I don’t know if it’s on your side or their side but it doesn’t work for me.

Quick idea: Make it so multiple currencies can link together, for example : 100 iron = 1 gold and when it displays your balance, it shows it as 1G 5S(silver) 3B (Bronze), then once you reach a threshold of whatever, say 100B= 1S, it displays as silver. Like in WoW.


It’s due to the fact that it can’t create an account for the nation. You need a system so that it would work with a plugin like nations which creates accounts for the nation.


That wouldn’t actually help with Nations. An ‘account’ just stores a bunch of currencies. Letting them be converted back and forth wouldn’t help. Meanwhile, I’ll probably add dynamic server accounts soonright now because I’ve been getting a few requests for that.


A new version has been released for Pieconomy, it is available for download here.

Added dynamic server accounts. Plugins like Nations should work now.


Thanks, it works with nations. Could you add the ability to exchange currency down, for someone like me who will disable the /pay command and make it so people can only trade through shops and the trade mod for forge?


Actually it doesn’t work with nations, the problem is the same


I did not envision this plugin being used with direct trading. I could definitely change the /exchange command to go downwards as well as upwards.
As for it still not working - that’s interesting, could you post your config?


my config is the default


That would explain it, because it comes disabled by default. See the project page for how to configure dynamic accounts.


Actually, linking multiple currencies its a great idea, like @steelropes said.

I’ve think also in the iron - gold - emerald currency configuration, but didnt know how to configure the plugin to set that 100 iron = 1 gold and 100 gold = 1 emerald.


You would pick a name for a singular currency, and then make iron worth 1, gold worth 100, and emerald worth 10,000.


Such a great plugin. But can i use IC2 coin as currency?

If i set it in my config file like:
“ic2:crafting 38” {
currency = gold
amount = 1


“ic2:crafting 1 38” {
currency = gold
amount = 1

plugin just stops working. At the same time i can use it like

“ic2:crafting” {
currency = gold
amount = 1

So i can use rubber as currency. Can you give me some advices?


I can give you the advice of reading the plugin page.


Sorry for taking your time.
Love you. You made BC2 coin usefull.


Edit. Literally the post above mine answered my question.

I really got to read more.


Sorry for the double post… Gonna get scorned for it I’m sure, Just want to ensure you see it…

I do actually seem to be having an issue with the above instructions, or it could be the forge mod itself.

I’m getting a no value present when I issue any command with a reference to the forge mod’s currency in the config.

Here’s the error from the console: https://pastebin.com/ZXybx1ds

Here is the config I want to see work: https://pastebin.com/SC08ztrR

Here is that link to the mod: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/good-ol-currency

The dev of that mod states that his mod was poorly coded so and is intending to come back for a rewrite so… I wouldn’t be surprised it the issue is on the mod’s side. I just would love to make it all work well…

Let me know when you have a second what you think! I appreciate it.


Can I get a full server log? I’m pretty sure it’s not the mod’s fault, that’s erroring on finding a currency by ID.


here is the latest.log https://pastebin.com/V8A4r05D