Pieconomy - An economy plugin that uses items as currency


Wtf xD its the last version of cnpc ? its in solo mode ?


Ok… could you clarify what that means? how you get out of ‘solo mode’? and what the current version of CustomNPCs is if it’s not the 1.11.2 version listed here? Like I said, I’m not familiar with CustomNPCs.


Oh okay, i use the 1.10.2 version
and for solo is just singleplayer or you create a server ? Cause its server/client mod :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, there’s your problem. You can see on all version download pages on Ore that this plugin requires API 6, which is 1.11 versions only.


So its dont work with 5.x api ?


That is correct. As the Sponge Docs say, you should never assume that a plugin written for any major version works with any other major version - it is only minor versions which are guaranteed forwards compatible, and no versions are guaranteed backwards compatible.


Okay sorry and thanks :smiley: i need to wait so :smiley: thanks !


Error feedback: https://pastebin.com/tbvEsVGG
I installed a mod named CTD Currency-6.3.1-1.11.2 and try to use its items as money, but there is an error appeared.


Please post the config.




Oh, and the log.


I have posted the error part in the last reply.


Yes, I’m aware. Please post the log. The full thing.



Lines 3693 to 3739 of fml-server-latest.log show your real problem. You put in an invalid ItemType. Now, in your config, it says "ctdcurrency:twenthith". Are you absolutely certain that’s the correct spelling?


Yes. I’m sure it is the correct spelling.


You’re the second person to mention this. I’m concerned that Pieconomy is getting the pre-initialization event before the mod does, meaning the mod’s registering its items after I’ve requested them. I’ll fix that in the next update, hopefully.


Thanks for your work :grinning:


Does this plugin support meta value of items?