Pieconomy - An economy plugin that uses items as the currency


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Warning: DOES NOT WORK! (Pending implementation of the Inventory API)

This is an inventory-based economy plugin. Currencies are defined in currencies.conf, where they are used in items.conf to assign monetary values to items. These items are used as money, in a full implementation of the Economy API.


This API does not support contextual actions or virtual accounts.


See the generated configuration files for details.


/bal [player] [currency]: Checks the current balance of the player (defaults to the person executing the command) for the specified currency (defaults to the default currency).
/pay <player> <amount> [currency]: Pays another player the specified amount of the specified currency (defaults to the default currency).
/value [item]: Gets how much money an item is worth.
All economy commands from other plugins will work as well.
Note that in none of these commands does the player specified by the command have to be online. Also note that since accounts are inventories, if a player’s inventory can’t store any more, the transaction will fail.


1.0.0: First “release”. Guys, please implement the Inventory API soon.
1.0.1: Fixed a HOCON whoopsie in the autogenerated files.
1.1.0: Added the /value command.


Testing the reply box.
Edit; Yay! Successfully broken Ore!


Interesting! Make sure to file a bug report if you can figure out the issue :slight_smile:


Interesting plugin. I personally won’t use this but I never saw this on Bukkit. This can be used on vanilla like servers with minimal plugins. Or just depending on the type of person you are.


Use iron nuggets nerd /s

Edit: Update this when 1.11.1 comes out and do what I said > : (