PixelGenocide - Speed up your world by deleting useless pixelmon!


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This plugin helps you clean up the server a bit by removing those useless magikarp all around the world.

Of course, not only magikarp, a bunch of different pokémon, here’s a list, they’re all configurable!

  • Shinies
  • Legendaries
  • Bosses
  • Pixelmon with pokérus!
  • Pixelmon in a blacklist! Because we don’t want Zubat, even if they’re green!
  • Pixelmon not in a whitelist, for rare pixelmon, like Eevee.
  • Pixelmon near special players. (PLEASE DON’T MAKE THIS A P2W FEATURE I’M BEGGING)
  • Pixelmon with particles, adding support for entity-particles.


/pixelgenocide clean cleans all the worlds.
/pixelgenocide clean <world> cleans only the selected world.

The permissions are respectively pixelgenocide.command.cleanpixelmon and pixelgenocide.command.cleanpixelmon.<world_name>, but i’m changing them in the next version probably, i’ll do my best to let you know.


In the config you can set a lot of cool things.
As of the 1.0.3 this should be the default config, the comments are provided where the feature isn’t self-explanatory

# Whether the pixelmon should be kept.
keep {
    # Remove these pixelmon regardless their specs.
    # Keep these pixelmon regardless their specs.
    # You will need entity-particles for this to work.
    # The pixelmon will not be cleared if they're near a player with the permission 'pixelgenocide.specialplayer'. WARNING: Could cost performance.
miscellaneous {
    # How many blocks the pixelmon will not be removed within a special player. See keep.withinSpecialPlayer for more details.
    message {
        # You can use %quantity%.
        cleaned="&7%quantity% pixelmon have been cleaned."
        # You can use %timer%.
        timer="&4All non-special pixelmon will despawn in &c%timer%&4."


That’s… a name and a half.


A new version has been released for PixelGenocide, it is available for download here.

Fixed a bug that prevented “withParticles” from being read correctly.
Removed entity-particles as an hard dependency, now it also checks for the version and tells you if you’re using an untested configuration.


Can I add a clear countdown?


Well… If you know coding…
No okay, in all seriousness, I’m gonna add it to the newest release, but if you want to make sure I don’t forget about it, you should fill an issue here. :slight_smile:


Well, I submitted a question


A new version has been released for PixelGenocide, it is available for download here.

PixelGenocide v1.0.3 for Pixelmon 6.3

  • Added support for pokérus, a new value will be added to the config the first time you’ll run the server.
  • Revisioned some aspects of entity-particles and pixelmon, it should work better now, even tho it was working correctly before.


Instead of announcing that a clear will happen in 10 minutes (default), can it just announce when there’s x seconds left before it clears? Similar to how catclearlag does it. I think that would be more useful and will give the players a heads up that it will be happening shortly.


Someone already wrote that in github, i’ll do it for the next update


Just witnessed a pokemon with aura get cleared in front of me by PixelGenocide. It’s set to keep them in the config.


No one reported such behavior, and without a proper way on how to reproduce it i can’t do much


A new version has been released for PixelGenocide, it is available for download here.

Updated to Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.0

We’ve received a development build to update our plugins.
There could be problems when 7.0.0 will come out but most likely this is the final release.


Hey, can you add timer after clear

Ex : 1 minute , 30 secondes, 15 secondes …



It’s already on my list, but won’t be available soon.


Is there a current way to get multiple announcements about when Pokemon clear?


Again, already on my list. Please check the issues tracker before submitting new ideas.


Support the PixelmonOverlay ? :slight_smile:


I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, the best I can do is implementing a placeholder which could be used with my overlay api.
Thumbs up this issue so I know how many people actually care about