PixelJobs - A Pixelmon Generations jobs plugin

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A jobs plugin similar to how PixelHunt works, in that server owners can create jobs for players to catch, kill, and/or evolve Pokemon and earn money for doing so.

Two commands exist in the plugin:


Aliases: /pj jobType

Description: Shows players the available jobs for the job type they specify

Usage: /pj catch, /pj kill, /pj evolve


Aliases: /pja

Description: Admin command for creating jobs

Usage: /pja create “Catch|Kill|Evolve” “Pokemon name” “reward” “time (in minutes!)” “nature (optional)” “level (optional)” “shiny (optional)”

Example: /pja create Catch Bulbasaur 1515 10 Modest 10 shiny

If the optional command arguments are left blank, then “any” will apply to those left blank

A new version has been released for PixelJobs, it is available for download here.

–Fixed console spamming errors when the plugin tried to pay the player for completing a job, which ultimately rendered the plugin useless

–Added the ability to configure when the plugin checks for expired jobs, for weaker servers, but I overall recommend leaving it as default for the best accuracy.

Im using pixeljobs 1.0.1 with pixelmon generations 2.9.3 and kill jobs are not working (catch jobs do and havnt tried evolve jobs)

Is there an error in your console?