PixelJobs - A Pixelmon Generations jobs plugin

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A jobs plugin similar to how PixelHunt works, in that server owners can create jobs for players to catch, kill, and/or evolve Pokemon and earn money for doing so.

Two commands exist in the plugin:


Aliases: /pj jobType

Description: Shows players the available jobs for the job type they specify

Usage: /pj catch, /pj kill, /pj evolve


Aliases: /pja

Description: Admin command for creating jobs

Usage: /pja create “Catch|Kill|Evolve” “Pokemon name” “reward” “time (in minutes!)” “nature (optional)” “level (optional)” “shiny (optional)”

Example: /pja create Catch Bulbasaur 1515 10 Modest 10 shiny

If the optional command arguments are left blank, then “any” will apply to those left blank

A new version has been released for PixelJobs, it is available for download here.

–Fixed console spamming errors when the plugin tried to pay the player for completing a job, which ultimately rendered the plugin useless

–Added the ability to configure when the plugin checks for expired jobs, for weaker servers, but I overall recommend leaving it as default for the best accuracy.

Im using pixeljobs 1.0.1 with pixelmon generations 2.9.3 and kill jobs are not working (catch jobs do and havnt tried evolve jobs)

Is there an error in your console?

A new version has been released for PixelJobs, it is available for download here.

– Fixed Kill jobs not working under certain conditions

– Fixed the plugin not paying the player most of the time

– Reworked how the expire timer on jobs displays in the GUIs (with help! <3)

– Fixed being able to create jobs with Pokemon that do not exist (can no longer create a catch job for a shiny Bob)

A new version has been released for PixelJobs, it is available for download here.

A Pixelmon Generations jobs plugin

Completely rewritten and fixed from earlier versions!

–Added player-specific jobs

–Added support of items and permission nodes as job rewards

–Added the ability to delete jobs from both the global config and player config

–Fixed an error in the create command’s syntax that fired if one of the optional command arguments was missing

–Added messages that get sent when a player completes a job (if a player-specific job, sends a message to that player, if a global job, broadcasts it to all players)

–Added the option to make a job never expire

–Redesigned how the cooldown timers are displayed in the GUI thanks to the much appreciated help of the wonderful Java Wizard, BurstingFire

–Added the ability to disable individual job types, as well as the ability to disable player or global jobs at will

–Cleaned up the event listeners that check if a job was completed successfully or not (too many conditions and expressions…no more!)

–Repurposed the config created by the plugin’s code to handle player-specific jobs

–Added a separate config file to handle the global jobs

–Added a delete command to the /pja command

–Added a ‘category’ argument to the /pj command

–Fixed the config file being overwritten with old code when the /sponge plugins reload command is used

–Set the Forge version to 2768 to match the recommended version of Forge used by Generations

–Added support of multiple items and permission nodes (and different quantities of!) in the prize code
(pixelmon:poke_ball-2,pixelmon:ultra_ball-5 will give the player 2 Poke Balls and 5 Ultra Balls)
(pixelmon:poke_ball,pixelmon:master_ball-10 will give the player 1 Poke Ball and 10 Master Balls)

Command Syntax changes:
/pj command:
/pj ‘global|mine’ ‘job type’
/pj mine Catch <- Opens a GUI of my Catch jobs
/pj global Kill <- Opens a GUI of global Kill jobs

/pja command:
/pja create global ‘job type’ ‘Pokemon name’ ‘reward-type’ ‘prize’ ‘time’ ‘job-mode’ [‘nature’] [‘level’] [‘shiny’] <-- This creates a global job

/pja create player ‘player name’ ‘job type’ ‘Pokemon name’ ‘reward type’ ‘prize’ ‘time’ ‘job-mode’ [‘nature’] [‘level’] [‘shiny’] <-- This creates a player job for the player whose name is specified in the command

/pja delete global ‘job type’ <-- This opens a GUI that will show all the global jobs of the job type specified. Clicking on a job in this GUI will remove it

/pja delete player ‘player name’ ‘job type’ <-- This opens a GUI that will show all the player jobs for the player specified in the command for the specified job type. Likewise, clicking on them will remove that job from the player

Hi ryan96t,

Awesome plugin idea etc. I can’t seem to execute a command.

For example, I want to create a global job that when you defeat(kill) Charmander, you get $500 in in-game currency that never expires. I would love to be able to do this for all pixelmon.

However, executing the command “/pja create global kill Charmander money 500 never action” says it expects an integer but input ‘never’ was not. So I changed the command to “/pja create global kill charmander money 500 1 action” Obviously changing the time to one minute, however, I received the message in Minecraft chat:

“Error occurred while executing command: com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.entities.pixelmon.EntityPixelmon.getSpecies()Lcom/pixelmonmod/pixelmon/enums/EnumPiokemon;”

I would love to be able to use this plugin.
Hope you can help.


That error sounds like you’re using Pixelmon Reforged.

Will you be making a version that is compatible for version 8.0.0?

Yes, I’ll be starting on that today. Gonna end up rewriting the whole plugin again as I don’t really like the way it works now. Adding more features, for sure. Definitely some bug fixes as well. If you’re interested in beta testing this rewritten version, you can hop in my Discord.

@ryan96t hey can i get a invite link to discord one above not working thanks

You’re fine. I actually discontinued this plugin due to bugs. :stuck_out_tongue: Generations offers a public PixelHunt plugin you can use on a server though, or perhaps one of the plugins in my Discord might interest you, as I often forget to update my stuff on here.