I’m not entirely sure how to do this myself, so I figured I’d see if anyone was willing to take up the project. What I’m thinking of is pretty much mcmmo, but adjusted to blend nicely with pixelmon. Essentially, this is what it would be like:


  • Training:

    • Levels by killing pokemon, winning battles, and leveling up your pokemon.
    • Perks include raised XP gain, chance to gain an extra level, raised EV gain, and possibly more.
  • Catching

    • Levels by catching pokemon. The more rare the pokemon, the more this levels.
    • Perks include a catch rate multiplier for pokemon, chance to full heal on catch, or chance to raise friendship on catch built into any pokeball.
  • Breeding

    • Levels by breeding pokemon and hatching eggs.
    • Perks include cut breeding time, cut eggsteps, and possibly the ability to craft/earn iv boosters/reducers, or size changers.
  • Mining

    • Levels just like regular MCMMO, but now counts pixelmon ores for experience gain.
    • Perks include generic MCMMO perks, maybe a few tweaks here and there.
  • Woodcutting,

    • Levels the same as MCMMO, maybe includes apricorn trees into EXP.
    • Nothing too special here, just the same old tree feller and silk touch blower.
  • Digging

    • Again, levels the same as MCMMO, but counts the pixelmon dirts.
    • Nothing too special here, maybe the ability to randomly spawn a treasure chest when digging.
  • Farming

    • Now takes into account apricorn and berry farming for leveling.
    • Perks include some generic MCMMO perks, as well as a possible chance for 2x apricorn/berry harvests.
  • Tinkering

    • Levels by crafting/repairing armor/tools. Now takes into account pixelmon armors/tools, and throws in enchanting into leveling.
    • Perks include better repairing, chance to not use materials when crafting/enchanting, better book enchanting results, and chance for extra enchantment.
  • Fishing

    • Levels by catching fish, but also levels when you fish for pokemon. Battling fished pokemon still counts as training, and catching them is catching, but the event of getting them to spawn would level fishing.
    • Perks include increased chance for rarer pokemon, as well as basic MCMMO perks.

This is just a first basis and could obviously be improved upon. Additionally, I was unable to find anything like this for pixelmon specifically, so I apologize if this already exists. Hopefully someone is ambitious enough to do what I cannot, improving the experience on all servers tremendously.


I know its been a while, but I have been requested by a server to make a plugin similar to this, and should they allow me to, I will upload it here too

Its indeed been a while since the original post, but I made a plugin that does this a little while ago, and its public. Although, its among the first plugins I’ve made publicly and so its got a few kinks to work out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe this server owner is on reforged iirc sir :stuck_out_tongue:

DaeM0nS ported my skills plugin to Reforged. Or at least was in the process of.

Hey man, do you still have the plugin you made similar to this one? I am making a pixelmon server with a few friends and this would be a really good addition

His depends on if you are using Generations or Reforged :stuck_out_tongue:
If you are using Reforged, it wont work. If you are using Gens then you are good to go.

I’m actually impressed you remembered me, Vince. Most people don’t. Anyway, due to a recent dispute, I now realize that Generations is not worth defending when their general overall attitude is comparable to that of the Reforged team, and have decided to make Reforged versions of all my plugins, for the Pixelmon community as a whole, regardless of which mod they find themselves unfortunate enough to be stuck with.

And so if you want a link to my Discord for when those Reforged versions are released, lemme know.

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That is actually very nice of you man. And of course I remember you and our heated debates! lol Im sure the people here will appreciate the work ya put in :slight_smile:

Hey, idk if youll see this but id love a link to the Pixel Mcmmo, if you have it