Pixelmon Additions


I’m currently just messing about with the Pixelmon mod and to see what I can script and create to make a more entertaining server than the default Pixelmon mod.
I’ve already checked out a lot of the sidemods and such but I am missing some specific things and maybe someone could help or maybe even share some other things that could work well with the Pixelmon mod?

I am looking for some way to trigger things upon catching pokemons.
Also looking for some way to make quests or atleast make the NPCs give out requests.
Also looking for some mod to change the spawning and such without having to go and edit some database (Psyduck something is what I found but it seems outdated so maybe some other option?).
Also looking for some other things to make the NPCs a little more lively instead of just regular old chatting, trainer, shopkeep and healer NPCs.

Other than that I am not really missing much but if you know some interesting sidemods or mods that go well with a Pixelmon server feel free to share. Maybe I already have them but who knows!

Any help is always appreciated :slight_smile:

Catching pokemons: CaptureEvent.SuccessfulCapture for a completed capture

PixelmonConfig for dynamically altering the config, e.g. PixelmonConfig.shinyRate or PixelmonConfig.legendarySpawnChance. For more control over spawning you would have to listen for CustomSpawnEvent or SpawnEvent depending on the Pixelmon version.

You can dynamically modify the NPC chat texts too by sending a SetNPCData - packet to the player.

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Think he was looking for plugins.
Catching Pokemon: Pokedex Rewards, a Pixelmon sidemod
Quests: No plugin is open source in this case, sadly.
Spawning changes: You don’t need SoP (Spawn of Psyduck) to do that anymore, you can just use our Better Spawner, which is available in the main Pixelmon mod (Reforged, 6.+).

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