Pixelmon and GP issue

So I’ve got a bit of a weird issue, I have setup a new server (I haven’t touched servers since CB was #1) and I’m trying to enable it so that users in the default luckPerms role can use healers inside an admin claim (or any claim), originally when recording with gpdebug it passed back that my character was hitting air, then the air was hitting the healer, both returned true, so I set them to true just in case, same thing happened, I could right click the healer but nothing would happen. So I set them to override, now only air shows up when recording and I still can’t use the healers…

Anyone able to push me in the right direction?

EDIT: So I reset the flags, tried again, when hitting with an empty hand I hit air 10/10, but using an item it targets the healer…

This was recorded with admin permissions: GriefPrevention Debug

Without them it’s all air

Did you try running it without specifying a user? I’ve has a few things which even though it’s a player interaction, it came up as a different source.

I actually did not, thank you I’ll try this now and post back, I should also note that I’ve got a local private server setup beside my hosted and on the local one I’ve even tried adding the target flags without a source parameter, setting them to override and all sorts.

EDIT: So I ran it without a user parameter and the only extra info is pixelmon spawn entities, not sure what could be stopping users from using objects… The commands on the flags page for interacting with npcs, throwing pokeballs, etc all worked fine.

Here’s the log for it: GriefPrevention Debug

After some more digging around, I tried making a claim that’s not admin owned, this time I get a message notifying me and when enabling interact-block-secondary it seems I can use the healer, but I still get a message about accessing it’s inventory, this goes when enabling interact-inventory, so I’m getting there!