Pixelmon Crashing Issue

Crash log: Crash Log · paste.gg
Entire Server log: Server Log · paste.gg

Using linux machine to host and 1.12.2 forge latest, latest recommended spongeforge build(1.12.2-2838-7.4.7) along with Java 8.

This occurs whenever I load a new chunk occasionally, and whenever I try to rejoin after loading in the chunk the server crashes instantly. This also happens occasionally when a new world is being generated. This crash happens 100 percent of the time when I try to enter the ultra space dimension.

The server log provided is a case when it crashes while generating a new world.

BYG was replaced with biomes o plenty, and now it seems the server only crashes in the ULTRA dimension.
Crash Log: Crash Log 2 · paste.gg

Nevermind, it still crashes when loading chunks occasionally.

Removed every tech mod and the error appears to be sligthtly different, perhaps its one of the spongeforge plugins?
Crash Log: crash log 3 · paste.gg

Fixed by removing _mixin mod that was in the mod directory for some reason.