Pixelmon developer wanted!


Hello my name is Lewis and i am 15 years old, me and a friend have started up a new pixelmon server (Growlithe Gaming). However, i am the only one who has an idea on how to use plugins and I am going to need help.

Work Needed

The server is going to need a long term developer that has experience with sponge plugins. This involves making plugins from scratch and editing current ones. It is best if you have experience with pixelmon as well.


To start off with i will be willing to pay £10 monthly depending on how well you do (during trial). However, the budget will dramatically increase if you are loyal and extremely good at your developer position.


The plugins developed for our server will be closed source and only usable by us. But you can add images, videos, ect to your portfolio.


To contact me outside of the sponge forums please use this email - [email protected]



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5 euro monthly is kind of tiny. If you really want a developer to do anything for you, you might have to pay quite a bit more right away

My BASE rates for development are £20 an hour. You aren’t gonna find anyone decent at £10 a month.

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I don’t even charge that, I charge $10/hr and that’s like still tons more than what’s being offered here.