Pixelmon economy

Hello, I’m looking for someone to create an economy plugin for a pixelmon server.

I am currently using:

  • These 3 for getting money after killing pokemon / boss / npc etc

but I would need one more (or adjust EconomyLite) for another currency that would use the item in the game. For example, I would like to have an item mineral badge as a currency. It would be a normal physical item, which would disappear when right-clicked, and if the player would type / minerals, for example, he would find out how many he has. and then / withdraw to return it to the inventory. But I need it to count as curency.

budget: Depending on how we agree and how exactly it would work.

For more information or to suggest how it could be done better, please write on the discord: Truly#8318

Not sure if its what you want but have you looked at this? (Btw not interested in the project)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work exactly as I need it.

What exactly about it doesn’t work for you? Pie_flavor accepts commissions, he might be able to update it for you!

I would also be available to take on this project if you want, but contacting pie would probably be faster.