[Pixelmon Generations] Tournament Plugin

Is there anyone that know, if there is Tournament plugn for Pixelmon Generations with functions that for Reforged has?

Reforged: Tournaments - Pixelmon Wiki

unless someone ported it, nope.

No, nor should it. If you want to use Reforged plugins but you happen to be running Generations, a copy pasted version of Reforged’s early work (aka steal), then you can do so. Just don’t expect any Pixelmon dev to support you in your decision.

There’s actually quite a few pixelmon devs making both. And I think each to their own regarding which version to pick, both have their ups and downs in my opinion.

Growing rather tired of you Reforged people always playing the innocent party. Reforged is not a bad mod, but the attitude you people put out is just absolutely ridiculous. I can’t fathom how a community blatantly requires their members to either hate the competition or get banned from the group. Generations has asked to merge with you people multiple times, to put differences aside to be one group, one mod, one community, for the sake of the community but all you guys want to do is take 6 months to release half an update and throw dirt at the entire Generations community. I know this response is literally just sparking up a fire that is months old, and its just not worth getting into, but enough is enough Ras. You and your team just needs to focus on coding your own mod so Reforged may have a chance at releasing an update that doesn’t require 2 or 3 quick hotfixes within a 24 hour period instead of worrying about what the Generations community is doing. You guys like Pixelmon. We like Pixelmon. You guys do you own thing, Generations does its own thing. Reforged likes to claim Generations steals everything. Generations doesn’t care that Reforged exists. When both communities like Pixelmon, but one community is just filled to the brim with drama and hatred, which one is really the toxic one? When both communities like Pixelmon, but one updates more often with more additions than bug fixes and doesn’t have to release multiple quick patches, which one has the more stable code? If you people would just stop hopping into any Pixelmon related conversation that you can find just to throw dirt at Generations, maybe then you would have the time to make sure your updates are bug free. I wish you well, Ras. With as much hatred and spite as you put out towards half of the Pixelmon community, you can certainly use some positivity in your life.

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Not even worth it. Just carry on, my wayward son.

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