(Pixelmon) gym plugin

Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there could make a plugin for me. I would like a plugin where using the side menu, It shows players a list of pixelmon gyms available to challenge, a permission for gyms to automatically be marked as open once a gym leader logs on and a command to join a waiting queue for the gym (/gym join (gym name)). I would like it if the gym names and colors are configurable. An example for the bukkit/spigot version of this plugin is already made -> http://bit.ly/2cuMAKu and is excatly what I would want. My server depends on this and It would be great if we could get a plugin like this to upgrade to a 1.8.9 server.

P.S. The plugin doesn’t need to be directly related to pixelmon and could be for any plugin requireing something similar to what I have described.

Hey :slight_smile:
i guess what u want is not possible now…
Inventory api is not ready, without it making some menu is REALLY hard… No one would try to make it…
Without a menu and just with commands… Yeah thats more possible…

i really want to help you and i want to open a pixelmon or related modded server…

First of all, how do you make someone a gym leader? is it related with win lose rates? Or do you chose who is a gym leader?
PS: im too old to remember all pokemon stuff… i dont remember how do they become gym leaders…

Second, do you want to use /pokebattle kinda command to make them battle with each other?

Third, i cant make a sidebar or menu cuz inventory api is not ready… So ill make commands for players like /gym… They will chose which gym they want to battle with… and if a gym logs in, it will be shown in chat…

And finally, an admin have to make gyms and protect the area with some grief protection plugin and setup where players will be teleported otherwise this can cause a lot of problems like gyms might prepare some traps and get players items…

Im not a professional in plugin making but i think i can make it… Do you still need this plugin?

also im a fan of SAO too :grin:

What’s wrong with using the gyms side-mod we have on the Pixelmon downloads page?


Hi, sorry it took a while to respond.
It would be great if you could make a plugin for me!
To make people gym leaders it would be good if you could just give them a permission like gym.leader.(type)
Thank you once again for responding!

Hi, I am the creator of the plugin that you linked.
However that is the outdated version.

The updated plugin and info can be found here:

I have a lot of people requesting a sponge version, however it has just not been an easy thing to do lately due to University.

If anyone wants to convert the plugin, ill be happy to pay as long as it functions the exact same for me to then learn off and compare.
As people have also said sponge is just not ready for it.

There is a queue system, virtual badge showcase, automatic scoreboard and all sorts. Be sure to read up on the bukkit dev page if you are interested in working on a Sponge Version.


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