Pixelmon Hat Plugin!

Basically It would let the player do /redeem to select the pixelmon hats.
Normaly you would have to do something for the pixelmon devs to give you them.But this plugin would just give you the hats while on the server.

*P.s.Also looking for a dev on my server msg me if your intrested.

Do you mean you would normally have to donate some money to the Pixelmon devs to have these hats available? I don’t think that this plugin request is good in “ethical” means.


No the pixelmon hats are only given to people who have won a contest on their website.I was saying since the textures and models are still in the mod we could make it so we can use them because the only way you can get them is by winning a contest.

@Ozzy if they have implemented it correctly it will be client side checks of whether the hat is available to the player.

If they have done this, it will be impossible without a client side mod.

I agree with RandomByte. I don’t believe this plugin request is “ethical” as it would break the intentions of Pixelmon Mod’s intentions with their contests. If you didn’t participate or win in their contest, you shouldn’t have access to the hats.


The pixelmon hats are available to those players which have an active and properly linked forum account on their website. What I believe Ozzy is getting these confused with are the pixelmon Sashes, which you need to donate at least $5 to the Pixelmon devs to have available to you.

Here are the sashes:

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This is what im talkin about cause u guys dont get it XD

Thank you for telling Me :smiley:

@Ozzy By no means is this ethical. I suggest you read our Terms, as you seem to be misinformed and uncaring of doing your research. We never have, and never will, support cracking Pixelmon’s system - it is there for a reason, and whether you want to use it for your own means and purposes is irrelevant. Pixelmon hats are for “Players who are members of the Pixelmon administration, development, modelling, or support teams automatically have access to hats. Otherwise, it is also possible to gain access to hats through special events that are periodically held on the Pixelmon website.” If you do not fill any of these premises, why should you bend the rules because you want to? Rules apply to everyone, and no ethical developer would work with you on this.

Pixelmon has come a long way since its first builds, and I find this pretty disrespectful of the work the Developers have put into the mod. Read our Terms, understand and accept them - if you disagree, well you can also choose not to use Pixelmon. On behalf of the Pixelmon Support team, you’ve been warned - this mod breaches our Terms, and Pixelmon’s Administrators can take action should it exist past this warning.

If a Moderator of these Spongeforge Forums could lock/delete this thread, I’d be very thankful.


Sorry for breaking your terms and conditions i just wanted it as a cosmetic plugin but never mind if i break terms and conditions.I am very sorry for causing any inconvenience to you.I know some 1.7.10 servers that have this and i thought it would be a good idea to do the same.I apologize again.

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We give no support to the servers that do that stuff on 1.7.10 (we’re aware of the servers), and actively search for ways to prevent them from doing it with anything else. There was code being sold around which did it for the sashes which is more serious than the hats, and it was a similar story there. But yeah, Ras did a good job of explaining it and probably not worth me reiterating, but certainly something to avoid :thumbsup:

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Yeah i agree with both of u! servers who do that should be taken down or dealt with :confused:

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