Pixelmon NPC help please :(

I am trying to find a good addon or plugin for making NPC shops. I am however hitting a brick wall and can only find sign shops. I do, however, know that there are NPC shops out there since I keep seeing them on other servers. Can anyone give me some advice on good NPC addons I can use? I already tried NPCs v3.0.0 but it appears to be broken atm. Im using Spongeforge btw.

You can link shop plugins you find with poke dollars using economy bridge. I’m not sure of any good shop plugins, but it opens up more options.
(When you are on that page scroll down and find the Economy Bridge 1.12.2 - 2.0.7 version)

You can also use the built in shopkeepers in pixelmon and edit their files to add custom items.

Heres the guide on how to that: Pixelmon Editing:Creating Custom Shopkeepers - YouTube

The plugin VillagerShops (on Ore) is also fairly good at making arbitrary entities become salespeople.