Pixelmon PEX 1.8.9 with GriefPrevention HELP

Only 1 issue, literally. I have it set so players can use the PC and Healers set at the admin claim i setup for spawn. Now that i figured out how to set those to be allowed for default players on only that 1 admin claim, how do i go about setting up NPC shops on the admin claim that default players can use? It is an issue with Griefprevention, i know this because i fixed both PC and Healer issues with griefprevention commands through /accessclaim all and /containertrust all on the claim i made as an adminclaim for /spawn. Please Just tell me how to setup NPC shops on the admin claim and allow players to use them. Thanks

I have the same issue. As a temporary solution, I just unclaimed that section of adminclaim.

Hopefully someone has a solution

Idk if you’ve been able to figure it out. but you don’t always have to add container trust and access to GP claims.

you can alternatively also use claim flags (which for the pixelmon server im setting up is what i’ve used for NPC access on the admin claim over spawn as well as for PC/healer access.)

start by checking your claims flags using the command /cf

this command can be use to both check and set claim flags for players (as opposed to group setting with /cfg)
The command usage is as follows:
/cf flag target value

You’ll notice a lot of true and false, these are the flags that govern ANYONE within the claim, regardless of group.

In pixelmon, the NPC’s and such all count as entities, and thus players within your claim will need permissions to interact with entities,

so you’ll want to run the following command when standing over your admin claim.

/cf interact-entity-primary any true
and then
/cf interact-entity-secondary any true

once you have set these flags. you can test your claim settings with the command /claimflagdebug
this will allow you to test any permissions within the claim, however be sure to run the command again once you’re done testing.

you can use the /cf command in this manner to adjust any claim flags as needed, and use /cf by itself to check claim flags.

hope this helps.

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